Loeches Environmental Recycling Complex (CMR) (Madrid)


The Loeches Environmental Recycling Complex (CMR) is located to the north of the municipality of Loeches, in the east of the Autonomous Community of Madrid. The Complex will serve the 31 municipalities affiliated to the Mancomunidad del Este (Eastern Madrid Association of Municipal Councils).

The Complex was built on a surface area of approximately 26.8 hectares, with the industrial facility occupying 12 Ha, the vegetable waste treatment facility 3.5 Ha and Cell 1 of the reject landfill 11.3 Ha, within a total area of operation of 60 Ha.

The Complex features state-of-the art waste recovery technologies.

The complex also has an RDF production line with a capacity of up 66,500 MT/annum.

The concession holder for the construction and operation of the complex is Ecoparque Mancomunidad del Este (ECOMESA), a subsidiary of FCC ENVIRONMENT, S.A.U. The concession contract was awarded in May 2008, following a public tender procedure.


Description of the rest fraction sorting process

Waste unloading system

The REST fraction has 2 process lines and is unloaded into two pits located in the reception building allocated to this fraction. The pits have the capacity to store the waste received for more than 2 consecutive days without treatment. Space has been reserved for a third line in the event of a future extension of the facility.

Waste feed-in system

The waste is fed into the lines by means of 2 overhead cranes equipped with orange peel grabs, which automatically deposit the material into the hoppers of the feeder units.

The orange peel grabs can also remove bulky elements that might adversely affect the processing equipment and deposit these elements into large containers arranged at the side of the pits. The feeders discharge the waste stream in a regulated manner onto two conveyors, which take it to the primary sorting booth.

The objective of these booths is to remove bulky waste that might clog the process lines, and also to separate large cardboard and packaging elements.

After the removal of bulky items, the waste goes through bag opening equipment for the purpose of opening the bags without damaging the contents, rather than shredding them. The bag openers have special teeth for this purpose.



Leonardo López Recio
Director of Operations at la Mancomunidad del Este.

Luis Sanz Jiménez
Director of the Loeches Environmental Recycling Complex.

Published in: FuturENVIRO #74  October – November 2020