Madrid’s three public universities to set up Circular Economy Innovation Centre

On Friday last, delegate for the Environment and Mobility of Madrid City Council, Inés Sabanés, and the rectors of Madrid’s three public universities (Universidad Autónoma, Universidad Complutense and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid), Rafael Garesse, Carlos Andradas and Guillermo Cisneros, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to cooperate in the development and implementation of environmental and sustainability policies within the framework of their respective areas of action. Amongst other measures, the agreement includes the creation of a Circular Economy Innovation Centre.

Under the terms of the memorandum, the City Council and the three academic institutions have committed to the development of a common sustainability strategy for the city of Madrid. This will have impacts on municipal action, the academic and research activities of the universities, and the management of the different services and facilities. The signatories of the MOU have also entered into a firm commitment to the circular economy, within the framework of the Waste Management and Prevention Strategy 2018-2022. Three specific actions are envisaged in this respect:

  • The creation of a stable alliance, in the form of a Mixed Research Centre or another type of structure, in order to reinforce scientific/technical collaboration in the area of the Circular Economy for 2019.
  • The drafting of a joint list of projects, actions and initiatives that would enable more intensive and more rapid transfer of knowledge to society in order to facilitate the transition to a circular economy.
  • The dissemination of the most significant scientific and technological breakthroughs in Madrid’s primary and secondary schools, to facilitate practical learning of circular economy principles.