MAGRAMA, through Acuamed, authorises opening of tender process for infrastructure worth €6.1 million to provide water for 2,750 hectares in the Lorca Irrigation Community (Murcia)

The Board of Directors of state-owned company Aguas de las Cuencas Mediterráneas (Acuamed), which operates under the aegis of the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Affairs (MAGRAMA), has authorised the opening of a tender process for the design and execution of infrastructure to enable the supply of desalinated water from Cerro Colorado to the Valle del Guadalentín. The contract is worth a total of 6.1 million euro.

The work consists of the execution of a 25 km branch line from the main pipeline, which the River Segura River Basin Management Authority wishes to build in order to connect the Águilas Desalination Plant (Murcia) with the Valle del Guadalentín.

The aim is to create the infrastructures necessary to connect the main pipeline that carries water from the Cerro Colorado reservoir with the secondary supply lines managed by the Lorca Irrigation Community (Murcia). This infrastructure includes the pumping stations and regulating elements required to irrigate 2,750 hectares of cultivated land.