Modernisation of the MSW and light packaging waste treatment plant at the Campiña 2000 environmental complex in Marchena, Seville


The main activity carried out at the CAMPIÑA 2000 Environmental Complex is the sorting of recoverable by-products and the production of compost from municipal solid waste (MSW) and light packaging. This waste comes from the municipalities of Marchena, Arahal, Morón de la Frontera, Paradas, Lantejuela, Osuna, and Puebla de Cazalla. The plant also sorts light waste from selective collection carried out in the municipalities belonging to the Mancomunidad de Écija (Écija Association of Municipal Councils), including: La Campana, Campillos, Cañada Rosal, Écija, Fuentes de Andalucía and La Luisiana.

The complex was composed of a single treatment line for both MSW and the sorting of packaging waste, with nominal treatment and sorting capacities of 20 tonnes/hour and 2 tonnes/hour respectively.

The modernisation measures undertaken at the CAMPIÑA 2000 Environmental Complex are as follows:

  • Renovation, adaptation and supply of new equipment for the upgrading of the treatment plant.
  • Remodelling of the existing waste reception area.
  • Construction of a concrete base for the by-products storage platform.
  • Modernisation of the low voltage system to adapt it to the implementation of new equipment.