Mass citizen “1m2 contra la basuraleza” (1plus2 against litter in nature) movement returns on June 12

The goal is to raise awareness of the environmental impact of litter and to free natural spaces of this waste. Everyone is welcome to participate through the website, by creating a collection point, signing up to participate at a point that has already been created or spreading the word about the campaign on social media. The more than 190 points already organised will follow the COVID health measures established by the Autonomous Community or municipality where the event is taking place. Group numbers will be limited and the safety of participants will be protected to the maximum.

Littering in nature is a threat to the quality of life in natural areas, and has direct and indirect effects on species and habitats. And litter does not only have a visual impact on the landscape. It also causes pollution that can threaten people’s quality of life through different sources such as water, air and food. The need to put an end to this environmental problem led to the creation of the LIBERA Project, which is coordinated by SEO/BirdLife in partnership with Ecoembes. Raising awareness is a central pillar of LIBERA and the project has undertaken a number of awareness campaigns. Amongst these, ‘1m2 contra la basuraleza’ is of one of the most important and it was designed to reach the whole of society. June 12 of this year will mark the fifth edition of this great national collaborative event to draw attention to this problem and free natural spaces from waste.

This year the event has undergone a name change, from ‘1m2 por la naturaleza’ (1Plus2 for nature) to ‘1m2 contra la basuraleza’ (1Plus2 against litter in nature), in response to the need to give even greater visibility to this problem.