May-June 2021

FuturENVIRO Digital – Nº 80


VEGA has completed its level sensor range with a new comprehensive series of radars for standard measuring tasks and applications where price is a decisive factor. The introduction of VEGAPULS 80 GHz sensors a few years ago marked the beginning of a new era. Thanks to the more precise focusing of the transmitted signal, the received measurement and interference signals can be better separated, making the measuring process much more reliable and easier.

Many measuring tasks that had once been considered impossible have become commonplace thanks to this technology. Radar sensors from VEGA are now in use in more than 750,000 applications worldwide.

Now VEGA has added a new compact instrument series to its portfolio of radar sensors. These sensors are ideally suited to price sensitive applications, such as in the water and wastewater industry, or in auxiliary loops in process automation. For this purpose, VEGA developed a new radar microchip, characterized by its extremely small size and low energy consumption. The result is a very compact radar sensor.

The series of 80-GHz radar sensors began with the VEGAPULS 69, designed for continuous measurement of bulk solids in a wide variety of process conditions. It is ideal for level measurement in extremely high silos, large bunkers and segmented tanks.




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If women are to be recognised as key agents of change in the green transition, let us first discuss some basic premises for their success. Natalia Sierra Conde Saraiva de Carvalho, Director of Institutional Relations and Public Affairs, AMBILAMP.


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