MCH Private Equity has acquired a majority shareholding in Molecor through the acquisition of shares from partners who have sold some or all of their stakes in the company. The private equity fund has also injected further capital with a view to boosting future growth.

MCH, a private equity fund with an impeccable reputation, has had or currently has shareholdings in prestigious enterprises such as Talgo, Gamo and Europastry, all companies with a strong industrial profile. This acquisition will help Molecor to grow and develop to its full potential. In addition to its financial contribution, MCH will also provide its industrial and financial expertise to facilitate both the organic and inorganic growth of this common project. Molecor and MCH are joining forces to grow and develop a major industrial project with the emphasis on technology, efficient water use and internationalisation.

Founding partners, Ignacio Muñoz and Jose Manuel Romero, CEO and CFO respectively, will remain as Molecor shareholders and will continue to exercise the same functions. So too will the remaining members of the management team, meaning that all business contact entered into with Molecor to date will continue to operate as usual, without any changes.

Our hope is that this positive news for Molecor will serve to reaffirm confidence in the company and help to forge a better future for both Molecor and its clients.