Enhanced settling performance at new Moroccan DWTP

Mejor rendimiento de decantación en una nueva ETAP de Marruecos

Thanks to the company’s commitment to new technologies and providing the best technical service, the end of last year saw TecnoConverting securing the contract to supply the lamellar settling tanks for the new Ait Messaoud drinking water treatment plant in Morocco. This is one of the country’s largest DWTPs and is considered of vital importance by the Moroccan government.

The area of Morocco is home to 75% of the world’s phosphate reserves. Phosphates form a significant part of the contaminant load in wastewater and for this reason, specialised techniques are required to separate them from the activated sludge so that it can be converted into organic fertilisers. The project objective was to enhance the treatment of water from the phosphate mines in terms of both process efficiency and treated water quality.

This project represented a significant challenge due to the great technical complexity involved. Nevertheless, thanks to research and development in the area of new technologies, TecnoConverting was in a position to enhance the efficiency of the settling process. TecnoConverting lamellar settlers were selected ahead of the remaining competitors because they provide greater efficiency and are more robust.

TecnoTec software was used to achieve significant enhancements. This programme enabled the efficiency of the initial Thomson weirs to be improved, thereby reducing installation and civil works costs.

Article published in: FuturENVIRO September 2014