Molecor expands its Oriented PVC Pipes (PVC-O) production capacity in South Africa

Molecor has just expanded the production capacity of Oriented PVC Pipes (PVC-O) in South Africa, with the installation of a second manufacturing line.

Molecor and its partner Sizabantu Piping Systems Pty Ltd have already supplied thousands of kilometers of PVC-O pipelines on the African continent, pipelines certified according to the specifications of the South African Standard SANS 16422.

Molecor South Africa was inaugurated in 2016 with the implementation of a production line for PVC-O pipes and now, only a year later, the production capacity doubles with the start-up of this second production line.

The plant, located in Richards Bay, (KwaZulu-Natal region) has now a production capacity of 8,000 T/year in the manufacture of TOM® PVC-O pipes under the license of Molecor technology, for the southern African countries.

With this expansion the company will have access to large water projects with water pipes of large diameters and high pressures, manufactured with the innovative Molecor technology.

This technology allows the production of TOM® PVC-O pipes automatically and with a pipe-to-pipe quality control, guaranteeing the reliability of the product throughout its useful life.