Molecor will participate at Vinyl India 2019

Molecor will be present at the 9th edition of Vinyl India which will be held on April 15th and 16th in Mumbai, India.

In this edition it is expected to receive a higher number of visitors than that of the last year in which the event received the visit of more than 750 visitors from all over the world. 332 companies were present in the last edition of a total of 26 different countries. In 2019 it is expected to surpass these figures with visits from high-level entrepreneurs, PVC producers, processors, machinery suppliers, technology licensors, manufacturers of additives, plasticizers, stabilizers, consultants, associations, etc. Within this context of business cooperation participants are provided with a perfect platform to interact with new projects, reinforce knowledge, generate new clients, etc.

The program of this edition is distributed over two days and includes more than 60 presentations in which attendees can openly ask questions and discover new products to meet the needs of the market.

Within this context, Ignacio Muñoz, CEO of Molecor will participate with the presentation “Progress of PVC-O pipes, to Global Perspective” in Business Session VII which will take place on April 16th. Within this intervention Ignacio Muñoz will review the evolution of PVC-O around the world and the different manufacturing systems among which is the Air-Based System exclusively developed by Molecor, system that allows manufacturing Oriented PVC pipes and fittings continuously with the extruder thus obtaining the best physical and mechanical characteristics in the manufactured products; characteristics that make TOM® pipes and ecoFITTOM® fittings the ideal solution for networks designed to transport water under pressure.

This continuity, in addition of guaranteeing continuity in the different elements that form the network, allows to guarantee a total quality of the transported liquid, since TOM® and ecoFITTOM® are immune to the corrosion and chemical aggressions of mirco- and macro-organisms, thus complying with health standards for water intended for human consumption.

These fittings and pipes can be used in networks for the transport of drinking water, irrigation systems, industrial applications, reclaimed water, fire protection networks, etc., among other applications, offering a greater technical performance that implies considerable cost savings and a lower environmental impact.

TOM® and ecoFITTOM® are presented as the best option for pressurized water networks due to their high technical and mechanical characteristics, due to their sustainable behavior and their lower environmental impacto.