Naturgy and Ruralia create first Spanish company for comprehensive wind farm recycling

Naturgy y Ruralia crean la primera empresa española para el reciclaje integral de parques eólicos

The project is the first in Spain dedicated to the complete dismantling and recycling of wind turbines. Some of the removed elements and components will be reconditioned for sale, thus closing the circular economy loop associated with these types of renewable facilities.

Naturgy and Ruralia, the Caja Rural de Soria holding company, have created the first company in Spain dedicated to the dismantling and comprehensive recycling of wind farms. The facilities of the new company, GIRA Wind, will be located in the municipality of Almazán in Soria and will contribute to reinforcing the recycling industry in Castilla y León and providing a second life for recovered materials.

The objective of this pioneering initiative is to recondition and recover the largest possible volume of equipment, components, materials and complete turbines for subsequent sale. Amongst other processes, fibreglass will be recovered from blades, hub covers and hoods and reincorporated into the market.

From the Almazán pilot plant, the new company will offer a circular economy project encompassing a complete material dismantling and recycling service for both turbines and blades, with components and equipment being recovered for partial or complete reuse.

Dismantling of wind farms in Spain valued at over 250 million euros

Wind farm renewal in Spain is now a reality. According to Ruralia sources, the decommissioning needs of these renewable facilities in Spain currently has a total market value of more than 250 million euros in dismantling work alone, in addition to a further 300 million euros associated with the recovery of all the elements that make up the wind turbines.