New AERZEN assembly concept VMX 16 bar

With the new assembly concept VMX 16 bar, AERZEN fulfils an essential demand of many customers for a cost- and maintenance-efficient concept for the compression to 16 bar of oil-compatible gases such as biogas, biomethane, natural gas, synthesis gases, hydrogen and many more. We develop the best compression technology

We present the new AERZEN VMX assemblies VMX assemblies for discharge pressures up to 16 bar. Based on the experience gained with the previous VMX 13 bar assemblies, this newly developed assembly concept for VMX 16 bar closes a significant performance gap in the upper pressure range.

Within the scope of a development project, both the compressor stage and the associated compressor package were redesigned and further standardised. The new compressor concept now offers a wide range of standardised options to choose from, such as three different instrumentation variants (Standard, High-End or Low-Cost). 

Added to this is the possibility of controlling and monitoring the new VMX 16 bar assemblies by means of the machine control AERtronic. With the connection to the AERtronic, a cost-effective alternative to conventional control systems is also available for this series of assemblies.

The assemblies also offer the customary reliability, availability, robustness and ease of maintenance – in other words, everything the customer needs for smooth operation. The simple and manageable assembly concept will also be reflected in short commissioning times and the time required for necessary maintenance work.