New Allison Transmission-equipped Mercedes-Benz Actros NGT with CNG engine launched at Municipalia

Combining Allison automatic transmissions with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) engines creates the perfect nexus. The new Actros NGT by Mercedes-Benz Trucks, fitted with a CNG engine and an Allison Transmission 3000 Series™ fully automatic transmission, helps improve air quality and is significantly quieter than diesel-powered vehicles. The Actros NGT has a 100% CNG range of up to 650 km and reduces CO2 emissions by up to 95%, thanks to the use of biogas.


At the Municipalia International Exhibition of Municipal Equipment and Services, it was once again demonstrated that Allison’s fully automatic transmissions form an excellent combination with CNG engines. At the event, held on October 22, 23 and 24 at the Fira de Lleida trade fair center, the new Actros NGT by Mercedes-Benz Trucks was on display at the Allison Transmission stand. This vehicle is primarily designed for sustainable transport companies and companies specializing in medium-distance distribution, such as municipal services and waste collection, nighttime deliveries or deliveries in areas with traffic restrictions.


The FuelSense® software package – Allison Transmission’s leading edge, fuel-efficiency technology—not only enables lower emissions but also significantly reduces fleet operating costs. “This model is calibrated with Allison FuelSense® 2.0 intelligent shifting technology that enables the vehicle to achieve even greater energy efficiency and vehicle performance with lower fuel consumption,” said Johansen.

Allison 3000 Series – intelligent design

The new Actros NGT, available in 18- and 26-ton models, is fitted with an Allison 3000 Series transmission with six forward speeds and one reverse speed. Conceived for medium-weight commercial vehicles, the 3000 Series™ is designed to adapt to conditions of all types.

The 3000 Series incorporates features such as Allison’s 5th Generation Electronic Controls for improved performance and prognostics, as well as an optional integrated output retarder for enhanced braking and reduced brake wear. It also includes programmable control for optimal transmission adaptation to specific working conditions. Another benefit of the 3000 Series is the extraordinary maneuverability. The highest speeds are designed as overdrive gears for urban and interurban driving at cost-effective engine speeds. Thus, municipal fleets worldwide will experience efficient functioning, optimal fuel consumption and low maintenance costs.

Torque converter for efficient energy use

Allison fully automatic transmissions afford greater vehicle control and maneuverability, in addition to enhanced driving that helps ensure safe arrival at destinations. They feature our Continuous Power Technology™, which provides more torque and more power to the wheels than other transmission technologies. Allison transmissions accelerate faster than manual transmissions or automatic manual transmissions (AMTs) and they provide superior launch, with acceleration of up to 35% faster. This is because vehicles lose power every time a manual transmission or AMT shifts gear.


High technology for municipal services

The Municipalia exhibition brought together all actors in the municipal sector: heads of public authorities, technical specialists and businesses. The exhibition area at Municipalia provided a stage for showcasing new products, whilst also hosting technical seminars for the purpose of sharing and providing solutions. The goal was to optimize municipal management through innovative, sustainable proposals to make cities better and to enhance the quality of life for its  citizens.