New glass recovery line at Maresme Integrated Waste Recovery Centre to recycle 4,500 T per annum

The new facility will enable energy savings of 3,200 MWh/annum and will prevent 2,600 T of CO2 emissions.

The Maresme Integrated Waste Recovery Centre has completed the implementation of a new glass recovery line. 1.8 million euro was invested in the construction of the new line, improvements to the biomethanisation process and the transfer of the bulky waste shredder. The goal is to increase the recovery of glass, ferrous metals and plastics (PET and HDPE), thereby reducing the reject fraction.

The new line will enable 4,500 tonnes of glass to be recovered per annum, representing an energy saving of 3,200 MWh, the equivalent of the domestic electricity consumption of 1,000 households. Moreover, it will prevent the emission of 2,600 T of CO2, the equivalent of taking 1,200 cars out of circulation, and the extraction of 5,400 T of raw materials.

The current operator of the Centre, UTE TEM, was awarded the contract for glass recovery from the rest fraction of mechanical-biological waste treatment plants in Spain, subsequent to a tender procedure carried out by Ecovidrio. The new line went into operation at the beginning of the summer of 2019.