New heat exchanger software expands collaboration possibilities

New software for the design of shell and tube heat exchangers is not only more accessible, but it also offers greater freedom for teams to collaborate on projects, improving project flow and speeding up design, approval and manufacturing.

Unlike other systems, AHED (Advanced Heat Exchanger Design) uses a combination of local cloud-based design software to allow users anywhere in the world to share their designs and collaborate on projects. At the same time AHED has been designed to be useful for anyone with a moderate understanding of the engineering or thermal basis of heat exchange technologies.

There is a large global demand for accessible heat exchanger design systems which extends well beyond specialist manufacturing companies. From engineering companies and contractors in petrochemical and other industry sectors, those who evaluate designs on behalf of others, and even academics and students.

AHED Software General Manager Arnold Kleijn comments: “There are many people, including occasional users, who want full system functionality, but who cannot justify expensive software licenses for one or two projects a month, or even a year. We have built on 40 years of commercial heat exchanger experience to develop AHED, including the tools that we know make it both easier to use and more accessible in the modern world.”

One of the issues that AHED was created to resolve was the difficulty in collaborating on projects, both within a company but also with other interested parties such as sales agents and manufacturers. Holding project data on a secure central server means that it can be shared across teams and businesses, wherever they might be in the world. The ability to collaborate within the software is also backed up by the ability to export data in standard formats for use in other systems, such as spreadsheets.

Arnold continues: “The whole collaborative feel is at the heart of the AHED user experience. It is also extremely flexible, so you can tailor the program to your own requirements. If you just need a design program for tube-in-tube and multitube designs using proven calculations, then you can have that, but we offer additional options and modules including more complex heat exchanger designs, more processes, fluid databases, and even engineering services to assess calculations and designs.”

AHED is available for a commitment-free two-week trial at Licences start at just €125 for three months for the basic package.