New R&D&i projects with investment of over 3 million euro (Cosentino, Sensoryca, Cepsa and Tier1)

At a meeting in its Seville headquarters, the Executive Board of Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía (Technological Corporation of Andalusia – CTA) ratified the provision of incentives for 4 new R&D&i business projects, which will benefit from private investment of over 3 million euro.

The selected projects will receive just under 1.3 million euro in CTA incentives. Almost 17% of the incentives budget will be subcontracted to 7 research teams from the universities of Córdoba, Granada, Huelva and Sevilla. These initiatives will be undertaken in the provinces of Almeria, Cordoba, Huelva and Seville, in the following sectors: Construction and Civil Engineering, Energy and Environment, and Communications and Information Technology.

About CTA

CTA is a private foundation with over 160 member companies. Created over 13 years ago, with the aid of the Andalusian Regional Government, CTA is privately managed and seeks to foster regional R&D&i and technology transfer.

CTA helps companies to plan an innovation strategy, from the identification of their R&D requirements and the formulation of projects to the search for business partners and the funding required to achieve their aims. Moreover, it has developed a series of services to help businesses, universities, technology centres, public authorities and other entities to transform the results of their R&D initiatives into wealth and business activities.

New projects ratified

CIRCULARITY: Treatment and applications for the valorisation of waste generated by Cosentino, through an approach based on the circular economy (Consentino Research and Development).

GIRAOPA: Global management of olive collection and olive oil production (Sensoryca and Cooperativa Olivarera San Isidro).

TAR: Research of alternatives for the management and use of phenol tar (Cepsa).

B2B2C: COLLABORATIVE ERP + B2B2C (Tier 1 Technology and Asprodibe).