New SIGAUS Wood now growing in Toledo

The Ninth SIGAUS Wood is located in the district of La Legua, in the east of the capital of Castilla-La Mancha. This new urban wood consists of 1,000 Aleppo pines and is the result of an agreement entered into by SIGAUS and Toledo City Council in February.

The new wood is in line with SIGAUS’ Social Responsibility policy, which has already resulted in the plantation of nine similar woods. The work initially envisaged to take place in March and suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, was finally completed at the end of November, resulting in the plantation of the Ninth SIGAUS Wood: 3.3 hectares with 1,000 Pinus Halepensis, which serve to enlarge the surface area of green zones in the city, and the number of parks and gardens in the rapidly growing district of La Legua. After 20 years, the 1,000 Aleppo pines now growing will be capable of absorbing almost 31 tonnes of CO2, representing a new breath of fresh air in the city situated on the Tagus.

For many years, SIGAUS has sought to raise awareness through initiatives that go beyond the management of used oil, such as the SIGAUS Woods. Through competitions held on social media, participants can put their names on the 9,000 trees that have been planted to date in Toledo and 8 cities in the surrounding areas of Madrid.