Nosedo WWTP in Italy achieves annual savings of €630,000 with hubgrade performance

Advanced digital process management technologies are achieving increasingly robust, competitive results in the wastewater treatment sector. A good example of the spectacular evolution in this area is the Nosedo Wastewater Treatment Plant, Milan’s largest WWTP, which has managed to reduce annual operating costs by 630,000 euros in just one year thanks to the HUBGRADE Performance digital technology implemented by Veolia Water Technologies.

HUBGRADE Performance is a comprehensive digital solution launched by Veolia Water Technologies, comprising a set of intelligent software solutions for real-time optimisation of process performance. It enables automated management thanks to state-of-the-art systems and features digital intelligence technologies to achieve better utilisation of facilities and enhanced processes both at the plant itself and in the sewerage network. This significantly improves performance and provides redcutions in energy and chemical costs, whilst improving the biological treatment capacity of facilities.

The Nosedo WWTP, operated by public services company MM SpA, is an excellent showcase for the benefits of using HUBGRADE Performance, due to its size and characteristics. It is the main wastewater treatment plant in Milan, with a capacity of 1,250,000 p.e. The plant implements a process that achieves complete phosphorus removal and nitrification/denitrification. It is also the largest plant in Europe to reuse almost 70% of its final effluent for agricultural purposes.

The plant managers wanted to increase the hydraulic capacity of the plant in wet weather, reduce the consumption of chemicals, save on the energy bill and guarantee effluent quality at all times, in order to be able to continue to reuse up to 70% of the treated water for agricultural irrigation. The challenge was to achieve all this without undertaking major expansion works requiring significant investment. The solution was provided by Veolia Water Technologies through the implementation in 2019 of HUBGRADE Performance, a holistic and intelligent control software solution for treatment plants.

Published in: Nº79 FuturENVIRO April – May 2021