OCU study shows deterioration in cleaning services in cities over last four years

The OCU consumer protection organisation has once again carried out a study of cleaning services in Spanish cities. The conclusion is not a positive one. The survey results reveal that the situation has worsened in the last four years. Oviedo, Bilbao and Vigo are the cleanest cities, while Jaén, Alicante and Alcalá de Henares receive the poorest ratings from residents.


The Organisation of Consumers and Users (OCU) has undertaken a study on municipal cleaning services in 60 Spanish cities.  The comparative data shows that cleaning standards have deteriorated in 39 cities, with average user ratings falling from 55 to 53 points. The results of the study are published in the May issue of the OCU-Compra Maestra magazine.

Every four years, the OCU carries out a study on cleaning services in cities. The organisation takes account of the figures provided by municipal councils (16 did not provide any information) and the results of a survey, in which 5,260 residents provided their evaluation of different aspects of cleaning services in their cities.

The study covers different parameters such as the type of management, per-capita budgets, and resources used, according to the information provided by the municipal authorities. This is then contrasted with the satisfaction of residents regarding the general management of cleaning services in their cities, as well as specific aspects such as street and pavement cleaning, the state of parks and gardens, animal excrements, the vicinity of waste containers, pollution and cleaning in suburban neighbourhoods.

Oviedo (79) is once again the city with the highest resident rating, followed by Bilbao (77), Vigo (76) and Logroño (74). Meanwhile, Cuenca (36), Alcalá de Henares (36), Alicante (34) and Jaén (31) are the cities with the lowest ratings. Half of the cities in the study achieved ratings of over 50, whilst the rest are considered to have failed the test.