Operation and maintenance at pellet mills


In recent years, the market for pellets and biomass, an increasingly important market in Spain, has been growing at a significant pace. This trend will continue in the coming years, as there is a growing number of boilers using this type of fuel in our country. 250,000 t of pellets were produced in Spain in 2012 but, unlike other markets, the disparity between the production capacity of the pellet sector and real production is particularly significant. 2012 production in Spain represents only 30% of the installed capacity, which is estimated at 850,000 t/year. The difference is not explained by lack of demand, as shown by the fact that producers were not able to meet the great demand for pellets last winter. One of the principal reasons for the great difference between production and production capacity is inadequate management of operation and maintenance at pellet mills.

The continued growth of this sector in Spain undoubtedly hinges on meeting growing market demand, maximising plant production so that facilities operate at 100% of capacity and reducing general costs. This is only possible with appropriate control and management of all the parameters that influence the continuous operation of the facility.

These mills have a very specific production process, making specialised operation and maintenance a key factor in order to achieve success and guarantee the economic viability of the facility, as well as pellet quality
Ignacio Aranguren, Sales Engineer, Prodesa

Article published in: FuturENVIRO October 2013