Operators of MSW treatment plants post 2019 revenues of over €1.7 billion

According to the 7th DBK Special Report on Municipal Solid Waste Treatment and Disposal Plants, revenues generated by companies managing MSW treatment and disposal plants in Spain increased significantly in the period 2018-2019, registering annual growth of 7%. Total turnover in the sector amounted to €1,710 million for 2019.

Planta de triatge

80% of the revenues were generated by privately-owned companies, with the remaining 20% corresponding to companies in which public authorities have a majority shareholding. The number of MSW treatment and disposal plants in Spain stands at approximately 360, not including waste transfer stations, with the downward trend of recent years continuing due to landfill closures.

Subsidiaries of the main construction companies stand out in the supply structure, and these companies manage a large number of plants. A diversity of municipal and environmental services companies operate alongside construction company subsidiaries in the sector. 71% of total turnover in 2019 corresponded to the five largest operators in the market.

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