Optimisation of operations at Tirme Packaging Recovery Facility in Mallorca

The light packaging recovery plant, which is a key factor in the success of recycling in Mallorca, has been constantly improving operations since it opened in 2003. This plant represents a vital preliminary stage to enable the recycling of all the packaging waste deposited by residents of Mallorca in the yellow containers. In 2017, a series of improvements were carried out at the plant to optimise operations.

A number of pieces of equipment were replaced for the purpose of improving uptime, efficiency and effectiveness at the plant. The improvements have also enabled adaptation to new waste streams, which have changed since 2003, and adaptation to seasonal variations in waste production on the island due to tourism.

FCC Aqualia central, Inodoro

In a nutshell, these improvements consist of the installation of four new optical sorters with a multi-functional classification system that enables the recovery of a wide range of valuable materials from packaging waste, as well as a series of additional upgrades, including the installation of a new bag opener and rotary drum screen enhancements.

Moreover, these cutting-edge new optical sorting units provide a significant quantity of data on the waste managed, data that can be extracted in order to obtain information, through the application of what is known as Big Data.

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Published in: FuturENVIRO #46 December 2017 – January 2018