Over 30 towns join “Municipalities Twinning for Glass” network to mark their relationship with glass

Una treintena de localidades se unen a la red ‘Municipios Hermanados por el Vidrio’ una alianza para homenajear su vinculación con este material

The initiative, promoted by Ecovidrio, ANFEVI, ANAREVI and the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), commemorates 2022, declared International Year of Glass by the UN. The objective is to pay tribute to glass and to municipalities with historical links to this material. It also seeks to highlight the sustainable qualities of glass and to promote the selective collection of glass containers in the green bins deployed for this purpose. The alliance, which seeks to bring together 50 towns throughout the country, is symbolised by the delivery of a handmade key made from recycled glass.

31 localities in seven Autonomous Communities have joined the “Municipalities Twinning for Glass” (Municipios Hermanados por el Vidrio) initiative, a symbolic alliance created to pay tribute to glass and municipalities with historic links to this material. The alliance also seeks to emphasise the sustainability and circular qualities of glass. The aim of the initiative is to disseminate information and support the declaration of 2022 as the International Year of Glass by the UN, whilst obtaining a commitment from municipalities to promote the separate collection of glass containers in the green bin, within a context marked by the need to promote the transition to a circular model.

“Municipalities Twinning for Glass” is an Ecovidrio project carried out in collaboration with the CSIC, ANAREVI (National Glass Recycling Association), and ANFEVI (Association of Glass Container Producers). In the coming months, the initiative will involve up to 50 municipalities in 11 Autonomous Communities that share a common past and present with glass. Glass is a particularly significant material due to the circular, sustainable properties that make it 100% recyclable.