Over 300 European agro-food SMEs interested in implementing small-scale biogas plants at their facilities

Over 300 European agro-food companies participated in the one-to-one meetings organised by the Biogas3 project. A total of 149 reports were drawn up for the implementation of small-scale biogas plants, using agro-industrial biogas obtained from waste organic matter from agriculture, and the food and beverages industries.

In Spain, 32 studies on the feasibility of small biogas facilities were carried out, thereby providing agro-food companies with the opportunity to evaluate their potential in terms of energy self-consumption.

This is the result of the Biogas3 project, which commenced two years ago with the goal of fostering the development of small-scale biogas plants at European agro-food facilities. For this purpose, 309 one-to-one meetings were carried out to analyse the feasibility of small-scale biogas plants.