PAM Irrigal pipes from Saint-Gobain PAM España provide security

Agriculture is an activity that consumes water and it therefore requires optimal solutions for efficient, sustainable water use.

PAM Irrigal ductile iron pipes save water by eliminating the risk of losses. They increase efficiency in the transportation and distribution of water, and they have the best features in their field.

The benefits afforded by the PAM Irrigal range from Saint-Gobain PAM España include:

  • Certified quality
  • Guaranteed watertightness
  • Safety
  • Easy mounting and installation
  • Durability
  • Adaptability to enhanced features in the future
  • Resistance to heavy traffic
  • Lower head loss and reduced energy costs associated with pumping
  • Economical
  • Full compliance with Spanish, European and international ISO Standards
  • Over one hundred years of experience in Spain
  • Recyclability

In addition to all these benefits, the added value of the track record of a large company must also be borne in mind. For over 150 years, Saint-Gobain PAM España has been committed to the manufacture of piping systems for the transport of water and the company seeks to design, create and market solid, reliable, durable products.


All of this is complemented by a wide range of additional services designed for the best possible response in operations and close collaboration with clients through the stages of design, supply of materials and maintenance.