Peruvian National Water Authority and UN reinforce skills to reduce drought risks

The National Water Authority (Autoridad Nacional del Agua – ANA) has commenced a training programme for specialists in different state companies for the purpose of improving their skills in order to reduce risks associated with the water deficit. This training programme forms part of the activities of the first Peruvian National Drought Observatory.

The programme will be carried out with the support of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and UNESCO, in cooperation with the ANA’s Directorate for Water Resource Conservation and Planning.

The objectives of the four-day workshop are: to explore the different data sources available on the EUMETCAST platform, which provides information via satellite in real time to Latin American users; provide training in the use of the TerraMA2 system (monitoring, analysis and alert platform); and training in the use of ASIS-FAO as an agricultural drought indicator in order to enable a better response to extreme events caused by lack of water.

The National Drought Observatory is an initiative promoted by the ANA and its management committee is made up of representatives of the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, the National Centre for the Estimation, Prevention and Reduction of Disaster Risk and the National Civil Defence Institute, amongst others. All of these have been working on this project since 2013.