Polish e-waste recycling company Polska Korporacja Recyklingu acquires fourth UNTHA shredder

Polish electronics recycler Polska Korporacja Recyklingu has taken delivery of its fourth Untha shredder to support the continued growth of the Lublin-based company. Together, the four machines will enable the company to handle up to 60,000 tonnes of e-waste this year.

A medium-sized RS60 four-shaft shredder is the latest machine to be added to the company’s fleet. Working alongside an UNTHA RS50, the technology will process up to 500 tonnes of e-waste per week.

Elsewhere on Polska Korporacja Recyklingu site, a 22 tonne RS150 – the largest four-shaft shredder in the UNTHA fleet – and a compact Untha RS40, have been supplied by German engineering partner URT, to handle 60 refrigerators per hour.

UNTHA says the four machines collectively process a wide range of electronic waste “to liberate the recyclable materials, including steel, aluminium alloys, copper and plastics that would otherwise remain locked inside”.

Reject recovered

After being shredded to 15-mm particles, the waste is separated before being recycled, compliance tested and reused in the manufacturing process.

Shredder reject is used for energy recovery.