Procter&Gamble Mexico look to in Untha Ibérica México for second end-of-life products recovery plant

The best test of customer satisfaction is an ongoing relationship. This is the case of Procter&Gamble Mexico, which has once again looked to UNTHA IBÉRICA MÉXICO for the supply of its second end-of-life products recovery plant in Mariscala, Querétaro.

The plant is dedicated to the recovery of shampoos and conditioners which for different reasons cannot be placed on the market. In addition to plastics recovery, the plant also recovers the liquid soaps, which are reused in the vehicle cleaning industry.

The treatment line consists of a loading conveyor with a safety level 3 compliant automated container lifting system, an UNTHA RS40-1000 shredder with pusher, raised support and a perforated screen discharge conveyor for liquids recovery.

The unit is completely enclosed for safety purposes. The operator simply has to place the container in the specially designated area and the rest of the operation is fully automated.

Carlos Sanchez, product manager at UNTHA IBERICA MEXICO with responsibility for this project, believes that “there is no greater satisfaction in terms of feedback on work undertaken than when the client comes back with a repeat order. Since assembling the first plant, we have been in close contact with the client, attending to their day-to-day needs and becoming increasingly familiar with the treatment process. When P&G decided to implement this new recycling line, we were in a perfect position to provide the best solution”.

Throughputs of 4 tonnes per hour have been achieved.

This is a further step towards zero waste for Procter&Gamble Mexico and UNTHA IBÉRICA MÉXICO is proud to have been chosen to participate in achieving this goal.