Project to recharge El Port de la Selva aquifer with reclaimed water enters final stages

Three years after commencing, the EU-funded Demoware  (DEMOnstration of WAter Reuse) project to recharge the El Port de la Selva aquifer in Girona has entered its final stage.

The aim of the project is to demonstrate the technical and sanitary feasibility of indirect reuse of drinking water as a solution to problems of supply in the area in times of drought.

These problems are associated with lack of guaranteed supply and loss of drinking water quality caused by seawater intrusion.

The project consists of using treated water as a raw material for reclamation and drinking water production.veolia3

The effluent from secondary treatment undergoes two filtration stages and ultraviolet disinfection, prior to being sent to the ponds, where the now reclaimed water is naturally injected and mixes with the alluvial groundwater of the riera de Rubiés torrent bed, the point from which drinking water is supplied to the district.

In addition to the undeniable benefit of guaranteeing water supply to the population, this project has significant economic and environmental advantages over other alternatives, due to the fact that treated water is a readily available resource in cities.

The cost of reclamation is lower that other processes and reclamation also helps to preserve natural resources, making it an essential process in the circular economy of water.