Public Entity for Wastewater Sanitation of Autonomous Community of Valencia (EPSAR) once again chooses GS Inima for operation and maintenance of Albufera Sur WWTP

La UTE GS Inima Environment / Ciclagua se encargarán del funcionamiento y mantenimiento de esta instalación que da servicio a una población de 70 mil habitantes. Con este nuevo contrato son 27 las plantas de aguas residuales que gestiona GS Inima en territorio español.

The UTE GS Inima Environment / Ciclagua consortium will be responsable for the operation and maintenance of this facility, which serves a population of 70,000. This new contract brings the number of WWTP plants managed by GS Inima in Spain to 27.

The Public Entity for Wastewater Sanitation of the Autonomous Community of Valencia (EPSAR) has awarded the contract for the operation and maintenance the Albufera Sur wastewater sanitation and treatment system in Valencia to  the UTE GS Inima Environment/ Ciclagua consortium, made up of GS Inima (50%) and Ciclagua (50%). The contract, which has a duration of four years, with an option for a one-year extension, is worth a total of 8.8 million euros plus VAT.

The treatment plant, located in the municipality of Almussafes (Valencia), manages a daily flow of 20,173 m3 and treats the wastewater of a population of 70,000. This facility implements a conventional activated sludge biological treatment stage and disinfection by means of chlorination. The sludge line comprises gravity thickening and flotation, anaerobic stabilisation and dewatering in centrifuges. The sludge generated at the facility is used for agricultural purposes.

Through this contract, GS Inima continues to expand its area of action in Spain, where more and more municipalities are placing their confidence in the company.

  • “This new award consolidates the position of GS Inima as one of the leading water management and treatment companies in Spain, where we currently manage 27 Wastewater Treatment Plants under the terms of 14 contracts

Miguel Marcos, Director of Concessions, Operation and Maintenance.