Putatán-2 DWTP (Filipinas)

The new Putatan Drinking Water Treatment Plant (PWTP2), is located in the district of Muntinlupa, at the very south of the metropolitan area of Manila –capital of the Philippines-, also known as Greater Manila. The new plant was constructed on land adjoining the previous DWTP (Putatan 1). The Putatan-2 plant serves an area with a population of almost 6 million and has a capacity of 150,000 m3 per day.


Maynilad Water Services Inc. (MWSI), provider of water and wastewater services to the 17 cities and municipalities that make up the western area of Greater Manila, awarded the contract for the plant to a consortium composed of ACCIONA Agua and local companies Jardine Electric Control Philippines (JECP) and Frey Fil.

The PWTP2 has a capacity of 150,000 m3 per day and serves a population of approximately one million. A principle feature of the new plant is advanced treatment of raw water from Laguna Lake (water that previously had received no treatment), the largest lake in the country and the second largest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia. The result is clean, healthy, pleasanttasting water. Moreover, the plant achieves this with a small carbon footprint.

The new facility represents a significant step forward in the quest to provide drinking water to a greater proportion of the population. Despite the abundance of water resources in the country, many homes in the Philippines do not have access to potable water. The alternatives tend to be self-supply (private wells, collection from rivers and springs), small independent water suppliers or the sale of water from tanker trucks, etc.

The Putatan-2 plant represents the first of a number of contracts secured by ACCIONA in the Philippines and provides a reference for the company to boost its presence in Southeast Asia, which is considered an infrastructure projects market with excellent potential.

Published in: Nº63 FuturENVIRO September 2019