Raw water pumping system with integrated intelligence

The Barásoain-Garinoain WWTP is amongst the wastewater treatment plants managed by NILSA (Navarra de Infraestructuras Locales). The two submersible pumps installed at the facility were greatly affected by clogging, mainly due to the high concentration of solids in the raw water in the form of textiles and wet wipes. In this article, we describe the successful installation of Flygt ConcertorTM at the WWTP. Flygt ConcertorTM, the world’s first pumping system with integrated intelligence, solved the problem of clogging and reduced corrective maintenance requirements at the facility.

It has always existed, continues to exist and, for the foreseeable future, will continue to exist. We refer to wastewater, a source of pollution that we would dare to describe as infinite. With industrialisation and population concentration in cities, the problem of wastewater has grown rather than diminished. Half

of the world’s population currently lives in urban areas and this figure is expected to increase to 66% by 2050, according to UNO figures.

These figures point to enormous challenges in many fields, including, without any doubt whatsoever, the wastewater sector. The fact that a pump becomes clogged, that there is sedimentation in pipes or that a pumping sump is affected by fouling is considered by most operators to “go with the territory”. In other words, it is “normal”.

Xylem has been working for years on eliminating these and other problems, considered to be “normal”. The solution lies in combining Flygt pumps, which feature the most advanced hydraulic design and high efficiency IE4 motors, with automated control systems also developed by Flygt. All this technology is based on the experience acquired throughout over 100 years of pumping water. The objective is to achieve the most efficient pumping system on the market with the fewest failures.

Xylem pump dator-087

More and more facility operators understand that selection of the pumping system (pump and control system) is vital in order to minimise operating and maintenance costs. The case study presented in this article is a clear example of the optimisation of a pumping system that was suffering from numerous problems, with the aid of control functions specifically designed for wastewater.

Barásoain-Garinoain WWPS

The raw water pumping station at the Barásoain-Garinoain WWTP is amongst the facilities managed by NILSA (Navarra de Infraestructuras Locales). NILSA is a publicly owned company whose mission is to treat wastewater and municipal solid waste in the area of Navarra. The company is also responsible for the administration of the Master Plan for the Sanitation of the Rivers of Navarra.
The Barásoain-Garinoain WWTP is located in the municipality of the same name and serves a population of 1,006, a motorway service area and restaurant, a nursing home, and a number of prefabricated cement manufacturers. The facility treats an average flow of 265 m3/day.

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Published in: FuturENVIRO #47 February 2018