Recommendations for blower room design

The correct sizing of aeration equipment can be affected if sufficient attention is not paid to the design of the room in which it is housed. The efficiency, features and even the reliability of the equipment can be at risk if good practices are not implemented in the design and construction of the room, ventilation calculations, and the sizing of pipes and connections. We at Aerzen Ibérica would like to offer some recommendations based on our studies and know-how.

Engineering companies and clients who install Aerzen equipment often consult us on aspects of installation conditions. At Aerzen Ibérica, we are committed to providing our partners and FuturEnviro readers with all the knowledge we have accumulated from extensive experience of aeration systems. Let’s begin with the design of the room.


  1. Doors and entrances must be sufficiently ample. It should be possible to close all the doors of the room and keep them closed correctly.
  1. A lifting mechanism should be available to enable the extraction or assembly of blower components for maintenance purposes.
  1. The floor should be smooth and correctly levelled, without slopes. Static load should be taken into account. Dynamic load is negligible. The floor should be vibration-free.
  1. In terms of materials, the design should take account of aspects related to absorption/reduction of sound pressure. In fact, this area is deserving of an entire article of its own.
  1. Aerzen Generation 5 blowers can be installed in “side-by-side” mode, doing away with the need for walkways between blowers. Maintenance can be carried out on the side of the pipe coupling and at the front of the machine. This set-up saves space in the blower room.
  1. It is recommended that electrical cabinets, starters or frequency convertors, if applicable, and other electrical elements should be housed in an adjacent room, insulated from additional heat sources, noise and vibrations. I.e., they should be installed in more favourable ambient conditions. This also enhances conditions for maintenance operations.

Ismael Delgado: Sales Easten Spain, Aerzen Ibérica

Iker Bidart: Sales Northern Spain, Aerzen Ibérica 

Published in: FuturENVIRO Nº 69 AprilMay 2020