Recyclia fosters use of selective collection points for e-waste in Madrid

Recyclia is collaborating with Madrid City Council in a campaign designed to provide information and reinforce the signposting of these collection points. Recyclia removes this type of waste from more than 560 collection points in the Autonomous Community of Madrid. 43% of these are located in the city of Madrid.

Through campaigns such as this, Recyclia is bolstering what has been a pillar of its strategy since it began its activity two decades ago, i.e., to bring collection points for electronic equipment and batteries closer to citizens in order to facilitate and encourage their collaboration. The organisation collects e-waste at a total of 563 collection points in the Autonomous Community of Madrid. 435 of these are proprietary, while the remaining 128 are municipal. Approximately 43% of these collection points are located in the city of Madrid.

The campaign will reinforce signposting in neighbourhoods of both mobile collection points, consisting of lorries with special containers for selective waste collection, and street furniture deployed for the same purpose.

The campaign also includes the placement of informative posters in approximately 47,000 apartment blocks located in areas close to the local collection points. These posters will feature maps showing the location of the nearest collection point and information on the type of waste that can be deposited there.

This campaign, promoted by Madrid City Council, has the collaboration of all the collective EPR schemes authorised to manage electronic waste deposited in the capital’s recycling centres, including the three environmental foundations managed by Recyclia.