Diciembre 2018 - Enero 2019


Innovation is one of the keys to enable European circular economy targets to be met. The ambitious targets that have been set require an improvement in waste recovery to enable subsequent recycling in all waste streams. A potentially recoverable stream is that which is made up of waste from street cleaning and municipal litter bins, which contain a large quantity of recyclable materials (mainly tins, bottles and paper).

Specific separation of this stream is not currently carried out and this waste usually ends up in landfills. If we analyse current street cleaning carts, we observe that they do not have a system to enable separation of the waste collected in sweeping and bin emptying operations, making it impossible to recycle this type of waste.

Moreover, it we look back in time, we will see that the manual street cleaning system, featuring the carts currently used by operatives, has hardly changed in recent decades. Given this scenario, private company CEPIAL (Cepillería Industrial Alavesa S.L.), in collaboration with Ecoembes, has designed the “Recycling Cart”, a street sweeper operated cart that enables selective collection in urban thoroughfares. As a result, the waste (light packaging, paper-board, glass and rest fraction) swept from the street or deposited in litter bins is collected separately to facilitate recycling.

Pablo Mariñas Martínez
Juan Carlos Arranz Sualdea
Specialists in Local and Regional Management at Ecoembes