Regulator-Cetrisa to supply leading southern European company

Regulator-Cetrisa will supply a leading southern European company with the first of several scrap metal separation and sorting lines, a project on which the two companies are working in cooperation. This first stage will concentrate only on the heavy fraction, before the project is extended to include the other fractions.

In collaboration with leading companies from the sector, Regulator-Cetrisa will also supply mobile conveyors, along with vibrating screens, structures and equipment. In the first stage of this line, large-sized ferrous metals will be separated by an R-TKM 150.180 electromagnetic drum with a diameter of 1,500 mm and a working length of 1,800 mm.

This unit is positioned prior to the feeder, thereby reducing contamination and increasing the efficiency of the line. The second stage features an R-TMN40.180 permanent magnetic drum with a diameter of 400 mm, a length of 1,800 mm and very powerful magnets. This unit enables the separation of small ferrous metals that have escaped the electromagnetic drum.

Next, an R-SPM1800-AF Eddy Current separator, with a width of 1,800 mm separates the non-ferrous metals. The installation of this equipment marks the commencement on the part of the client of an important treatment and sorting project, in which Regulator-Cetrisa was chosen for the experience, reliability and value for money it provides.