Bright Biomethane has built a demonstration pilot plant for the production of renewable gas in the municipality of Vila-sana in the province of Lleida. The plant processes 214 Nm3/h of biogas (with an approximate methane content of 65%) from an agricultural biogas plant to produce 150 Nm3/h of renewable gas with a methane content of 95%. 99.5% of all methane entering the system is recovered.


This renewable gas plant was built within the framework of the Life Methamorphosis project, which has the objective of demonstrating innovative technologies. The project is coordinated by Aqualia and the project consortium is made up of organisations such as: Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas (FCC), Naturgy, SEAT, Área Metropolitana de Barcelona (AMB) and the Institut Català d’Energia (ICAEN).

The prototype is installed at the Ecobiogas agricultural biogas plant, which belongs to the Porgaporcs pig farm and is located 35 Km from Lleida.

Biomethane is destined to be an alternative energy of the future and is used in most European countries. Biomethane injection into the natural gas grid or its use as fuel in different types of vehicles is already a reality for companies such as Bright Biomethane, which has built over 50 facilities of this type worldwide.

Bright technology

The biogas upgrading system can be used to process a wide range of biogas types recovered from different wastes and processes:
• Wastewater treatment
• Agriculture
• Landfills
• MSW treatment

The system is technically and economically feasible on different scales.

The process is based on high-efficiency membranes for the separation of methane (CH4) from carbon dioxide (CO2). This technology is capable of producing a high-performance renewable gas, with methane recovery of over 99.5%, and losses of less than 0.5%, making it more efficient than other technologies. Methane losses can be further reduced (to zero) through the addition of CO2 liquefaction technology.

Depending on distribution grid or user  equirements, the gas can be enriched to the desired methane concentration. A patented three-stage membrane system is implemented in the process. This system minimises methane losses and ensures compliance with emissions standard

Luis Puchades Rufino
Head of Bright Biomethane España.

Published in: Nº60 FuturENVIRO May 2019