RENEXPO professional conference in the field of water management in Belgrade


Within three days of the Congress RENEXPO Water management in Belgrade, there were held a number of professional conferences in the field of water management.

Domestic and foreign experts have dealt with the topics of water, such as the availability of drinking water, flood defence, climate change, proper management of waste water etc.

Rivers have no borders, and after the catastrophic floods that occurred in the region in 2014, it became clear that this natural disaster can be kept under control only through international cooperation and collective action of all sectors, and just that was emphasized at the meeting.



  • Risk Disaster Management – Flood Prevention Sytems
  • Waste Water Treatment – Reclamation & Purification
  • Drinking Water – Wells & Pipes
  • Management of Resources
  • Biodiversity – Water, Forest, Land Management


Predictability is important in flood protection

Climate change is present and what was the centuries-old becomes a year old, and it is very important to be devoted to flood control, and that is the stand that was estimated at the opening of the conference RENEXPO on prevention and protection against floods in the western Balkans.

The conference participants were more than 60 experts, and they had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the system of flood control in Vienna, and national institutions in the region will present their experiences and plans. Also, there are presented opportunities for investment in systems for the prevention and protection from floods. Congress RENEXPO® Water Management is the first organized international exhibition expert meeting and conference on water management and waste water management in the Western Balkans.


Source: Renexpo