REPACAR warns that stagnation of recovered paper prices in Spain will increase management costs for municipal authorities

Increases in the price of recovered paper worldwide have not been reflected in Spain, where stagnating prices threaten the competitiveness of companies and jeopardise their economic viability. This can only be explained by the trend towards mergers in the domestic paper market.

REPACAR has warned that stagnating prices for recovered paper in Spain, which contrasts with continuous price increases in the rest of the world not only threatens the viability of companies in the sector but also, in the words of its CEO, Manuel Domínguez, “could result in a logical increase in the cost of managing this waste to municipal authorities, and, therefore, in the charges paid by citizens”.

REPACAR points out that over the last quarter, recovered paper prices have risen dramatically worldwide, while prices in Spain have stagnated. “We at REPACAR, have already warned on a number of occasions that the trend towards mergers and concentration of the paper market in our country is a clear threat to free competition and this divergence in recovered paper prices is yet further evidence of this fact”, says Domínguez.

Despite the fact that February figures indicate a slight rise in the price of recovered paper in Spain, “the export market will continue to be significantly greater than the domestic market”, the REPACAR CEO points out. This is an issue that can hardly be attributed to market variations.