Greywater and rainwater reuse

Reutilización de aguas grises y pluviales

Aquantia, a company with offices in Bilbao and San Sebastián, specialises in sustainable water management through the reuse of greywater, rainwater and other types of water. The Aquantia system, based on proprietary, patented technology, purifies greywater from households for subsequent use in WC discharges, irrigation, cleaning of public areas, etc. The treatment removes all health risks as well as undesirable colours and odours.

Aquantia’s patented technology purifies greywater to obtain treated water that complies rigorously with Spanish Royal Decree 1620/2007 on water reuse and the water quality standards of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Thanks to RBM technology, Aquantia water generators reuse the greywater from households, sports centres, offices, hotels and golf courses to achieve a saving of up to 50% in drinking water consumption.

In order to certify the technology and the efficiency of the system, validation tests were carried out in collaboration with the Gaiker-IK4 technology centre. The Gaiker centre participated as an impartial organisation and after 9 months of successful test results, the process of marketing the product under the Aquantia brand commenced. The Aquantia technology was selected from a total of 200 entries as one of the 14 most interesting technologies at the Cleantech Forum Europe 2012 in Munich, and customers now include Coca-Cola, Naturgas, Abengoa, Inbisa, LKS and Kutxa.

Water disinfection in Aquantia units is by means of residual chlorine rather than other technologies because chlorine ensures disinfection over time. If UV lamps or oxidation are used, disinfection cannot be guaranteed once the water has stagnated in toilet cisterns or in the RG tank itself.

Moreover, this technology enables disinfection measurements to be taken, because the disinfection capacity of residual chlorine is measurable, meaning that effective disinfection can be guaranteed.

Article published in: FuturENVIRO September 2014