Sacyr Agua starts a remotely read meter pilot project in Sotogrande (Cádiz) to improve water cycle efficiency


New sectorizing and network monitoring systems will allow reducing  pumped water volume by 8%.

Sacyr Agua and its subsidiary Aguas del Valle del Guadiaro  (AVG) are implementing several initiatives for more efficient and sustainable  management of the full water cycle in the Sotogrande residential area (San Roque,  Cádiz). 

Among the initiatives set in motion, one highlight is the pilot project consisting of  implementing remotely read meters connected to the communications network.  

This remotely reading system will offer relevant information such as the consumption  register among the selected sectors, real-time event alarms (abnormal consumption rates or changes in flow directions, among others), and detecting issues, such as leaks  and breaches.  

Thanks to this system, Sacyr Agua will have the necessary information to bill and  manage the service more efficiently and give the users access to their consumption  levels, managing their alarms and notifications through the Virtual Office in a simple and  agile way.  

Service improvements 

Furthermore, Sacyr Agua has incorporated new supply network sectorizing and  monitoring systems that will improve Aguas del Valle del Guadiaro’s network  performance and reduce the volume of pumped water by 8%.

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Sacyr Agua is also making new investments to reduce energy consumption. Some  highlights among them are the addition of variable-frequency drives and loop control  systems in the different pumping stations. 

Digital transformation  

These initiatives are part of Sacyr’s digital transformation and the group’s sustainability  strategy, which has among its goals to lead transformative solutions for society, and that  improve people’s lives in a sustainable way, in alignment with the United Nations’s (UN)  17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). 

Aguas del Valle de Guadiaro 

Aguas del Valle del Guadiaro (100% Sacyr Agua subsidiary since 2018) manages the  P3 project drinking water, saneamiento, purification of wastewater in the Centro de  Interés turístico de Sotogrande (San Roque – Cádiz).  

It provides service to close to 5,000 clients or more than 25,000 inhabitants in the  summer season and supplies close to 5.3 million m3 of water per year.