Sacyr named preferred bidder for the construction and operation of a waste treatment plant in Connecticut (United States)

Sacyr, in partnership with Manhattan Construction Group, has been selected as the preferred bidder for its second major contract in the US, which will consist of the design, financing, construction and operation of a new waste treatment plant in Hartford in the State of Connecticut, and in the update of the current incinerator, adapting it to the highest international efficiency standards.

This facility will manage one third of all waste in the state of Connecticut and will be a benchmark in terms of the amount of recycled waste and the control of emissions. The estimated investment stands at 226 million dollars (188 million euros) for the duration of the contract, and it will generate a global backlog of about 3.5 billion dollars (2,923 million euros).

With this project, Sacyr will reach a new milestone in its 2015-2020 Strategic Program, which included entry into, and consolidation in, the US market as one of the objectives in the international expansion of the group using its innovation capacity and know-how.

Separate collection

The facilities will treat municipal solid waste, packaging, paper and cardboard and glass with a capacity of up to 900,000 tons/year.

The project, managed by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection of Connecticut (CT-DEEP), includes the design, financing, construction, remodeling and operation for 30 years, with two possible five-year extensions of the waste treatment centers located in the town of Hartford (Connecticut Solid Waste System Resource Recovery Facility and the MIRA CSWS Recycling Facility) and the four associated transfer stations in Watertown, Torrington, Essex and Ellington.

The new facilities will begin to operate in January 2019 and will allow the recovery of more than 40% of municipal solid waste (MSW) through anaerobic digestion recycling and composting technologies. In addition, waste that is currently recovered thermally to obtain electricity and fuel, among other improvements, will be cut in half.

Own technology

The selected process technology is included in the most advanced treatments in the recovery of resources and consists of a mechanical – biological treatment of the waste. This know-how, based on Sacyr’s over 20 years of experience, represents an innovation in current waste management.

In addition, it will enable waste treatment processes to be more efficient and economically and environmentally sustainable, through mechanical-biological treatment with an RDF production of municipal waste.