Sadako Technologies artificially intelligent Wall-B robot installed at Ferrovial’s Ecoparc 4

La robótica que revolucionará el reciclaje de residuos.

Ferrovial Servicios, through its Centre of Excellence for Environment has installed the first robot with artificial intelligence at the Ecoparc 4 Waste Treatment Centre in Barcelona. This will enable an increase in the recovery of valuable materials from waste in treatment plants.

The Wall-B robot, owned by Sadako Technologies, is currently in the operation adjustment stage and is expected to be fully operational at the beginning of 2016. The technology consists of an industrial robotic arm with a materials collection system that combines computer vision technology with advanced robotics.

This enables Wall-B to recognise recoverable material from the different types of plastic circulating in the process line. The robot is designed to work on lines with low and medium waste flows (from 100 to 500 tonnes per annum). Wall-B enables waste treatment facilities to increase recovery rates cost effectively.