Saint-Gobain Pam España contributes to enhancement of water supply to Cheles

The municipality of Cheles in Badajoz was suffering from important deficiencies in its water supply system related to the fact that its drinking water treatment plant (DWTP) is over twenty years old. In order to address the problems, Saint-Gobain PAM is participating in work to improve the drinking water supply to the municipality of Cheles from the Alqueva Dam.

The intake system has a number of problems, beginning with the collection system of the Alqueva Dam, which is connected to land by means of cables, with difficulties in terms of access to the anchoring points of these cables. The system is quite inadequate for conservation and maintenance work, as well as for the repair of any faults in the pumping system. Moreover, the pressurised discharge pipe is of a small diameter and made of fibre cement, which gives rise to frequent downtime and water supply cuts. Apart from its age, the DWTP also suffers from other problems, such as the poor condition of its settling tank.

All this has led to the seeking of a solution, which has resulting in the creation of better access to the collection system, by raising its height, and the implementation of a new floating intake in the Alqueva Reservoir to enable the collection of better quality water. This will reduce treatment costs and ensure the sanitary quality of the water supplied. A new ductile iron pipeline, running along the western side of the municipality, will also be installed to connect the intake point to the DWTP. The existing settling tank will also be replaced by a more modern tank.