Saint-Gobain Pam España supplies valves to the Lloseta DWTP

Saint-Gobain PAM España supplied two pneumatic butterfly valves with central shafts to the Lloseta Drinking Water Treatment Plant (DWTP) in the Balearic Islands.

The plant was built as an essential complement for the supply of water to the city of Palma, and construction work on the facility was completed in 1973.

The inflow (raw water) comes from two reservoirs (Cúber and Gorg Blau) manageV. MARIPOSA LLOSETA (MALLORCA)6d by EMAYA and undergoes treatment to make it fit for human consumption. The location of the Lloseta DWTP enables the city of Palma to be supplied without the need for pumping.

The butterfly valve is a vital component in most water networks. Improvements in the technologies of the materials used, along with their features and adaptability, enable these valves to be used when simple, effective solutions are required.

These valves are characterised by minimal head loss, two-way circulation, complete watertightness and easy assembly and dismounting.

DRVD direct acting pressure reducing valve

The pressure regulator, designed for implementation in small and medium diameter networks, automatically reduces and stabilises downstream fluid pressure to a constant predetermined value, regardless of upstream pressure and flow variations.  The valve controls the outlet pressure and maintains it constant, regardless of inflow pressures or flow rates.valvula_pag4

This valve is characterised by: resistance to wear and corrosion, low friction and minimal head loss, high response speed and excellent stability at high and low pressures, maintenance without dismounting of valve, availability of a spare parts kit, pressure tests compliant with standards and accreditation from health authorities.