Saint-Gobain PAM supplies ductile iron pipes for A Lama network in Galicia


Saint-Gobain PAM España is participating in the construction of a new supply system that will serve almost 1,500 residents of the municipality of A Lama, in Pontevedra. The infrastructure consists of a new intake and a drinking water treatment plant (DWTP), with total investment in the project amounting to €1.8 million.

Until now, the supply system has worked in different ways, depending on the time of year. In the colder months, the network takes water from springs located in Monte do Ceo. In the summer months, these springs dry up and the parish of A Lama is supplied with the excess water from the Verdugo River pumping station.

Saint-Gobain PAM España supplied its Blutop range of pipes for the project, which is designed to provide the parish of A Lama with a new supply system. This system will also serve the Antas area and the Racelo Business Park. The company supplied 300 ml DN90, 3100 ml DN110 and 2600 ml DN125 pipes from the Blutop range. The new network consists of a completely innovative ductile iron pipe system for the supply of drinking water in small diameter pipes.