Salher installs a few oil separators to the Krasnodar stadium

Salher adds a new reference in Russia with the design and supply of two hydrocarbons separators in the area of the new Krasnodar stadium. This architectural building welcomes since October the first division team “FC Kuban Krasnodar”. It has a capacity of 33.000 spectators and it will receive the soccer fans at the 21st FIFA World Cup to be held in Russia.

The reference installed is CHC-SH-L-3-FO, Class I, with an output flow less than 5 ppm, and with a nominal capacity of 12 l/s per each, in order to treat stormwater discharges in the stadium parking with a capacity of 3.000 spaces.


The mineral oil and hydrocarbon separators Salher® range is certified EN-858 and this meets the needs of a market paying increasingly greater heed to preserving the natural environment. This also offers an excellent resistance and durability due to its studied design, its GFRP composition and its filament winding manufacturing process.

Easy to transport and ready to start, Salher® oil separators are suitable for mechanical workshops, car washes, supermarket parking, highways and roads close to sensitive areas or national parks, airports, petrol stations, power and solar thermal power plants, combined cycle plants and petrochemical industry.

Source: Salher