ScrapAd – Worldwide platform to connect buyers and sellers of all types of waste and metals

This technology-based platform boasts a team of 10 professionals, who provide user support, help in the search for contacts interested in the advertised materials, verification of advertised corporations and much more.

Samuel Ruiz De Lorenzo, Founder & CEO at ScrapAd


ScrapAd is managed by Samuel Ruiz De Lorenzo and Sandra Montes Perez, both of whom have extensive experience of the international recycling sector.


The company has users in over 40 countries, including Germany, Argentina, China, Colombia, the United States, Spain, India, Mexico, Peru, Turkey, etc.


Our 2020-2022 strategic plan prioritizes commercial growth and the development of new functionalities to enable ScrapAd users to find everything they need with a top-class service.

User feedback helps us to improve each and every day and it also shows us the way ahead. We never interpret a complaint as simply a complaint but rather as an opportunity to improve and provide a better service.


ScrapAd is a very powerful technological platform, supported by an expert team, that seeks to help companies do business.

In a simple procedure, users publish their advertisements for the purchase or sale of any material they wish, thus benefitting from:

  1. Better sale and purchase prices for their materials
  2. Contact with new buyers and sellers
  3. Savings of time and money in the search for materials and sales visits
  4. The opportunity to do business in new markets and with new materials

On SCRAPAD, users know who wishes to buy or sell right now and can make direct contact with them in order to do business, without intermediaries, brokers or commissions, at a single click.

This instant information is very valuable because it gives users knowledge of real daily demand. The result is a great saving of time because very often a company may work with certain materials but at a given time have already committed to selling it or simply not be interested in selling it, for whatever reason.

In contrast, if you are on ScrapAd, it is because you are interested in buying or selling that material right now.

Published in: FuturENVIRO Nº 74 October-November 2020