Secondary Shredders: Comparative Table & Technical Guide (2021)

The production of Solid Recovered Fuels (SRF) and Refuse Derived Fuels (RDF) is a strategic component of integrated waste management policy. It also forms part of energy strategy and the fight against climate change. The preparation of SRF/RDF from reject basically involves subjecting this reject to treatment to create appropriate particle size and texture, whilst removing inappropriate materials and reducing moisture content. Secondary shredders play a particularly important role in this process.

For this reason, in line with its objective to become a benchmark publication in the waste management and recovery sector, and in view of the positive reception given to these guides and comparative tables, FuturENVIRO is pleased to publish another of a series of specials that serve as excellent reference and consultation guides for technical experts in the recycling industry.

This special is devoted to secondary shredders for SRF/RDF plants. A simple, comprehensive and useful technical guide to the main features of the secondary shredders offered by leading national and international manufacturers.

This guide is divided into two parts. The first presents a table with data so that the technical features of the secondary shredders offered by the main national and international manufacturers can be examined and compared at a glance.

As the perfect complement to the comparative table, which shows the main technical features to facilitate comparison of the different models on the market, we have designed attractive fact sheets in which the leading manufacturers describe their secondary shredder ranges, distinguishing features and advantages over other equipment on the market.

A guide particularly aimed at engineers, developers of turnkey RDF plants, national, provincial and regional public authorities, and ultimately all organisations involved in waste management and recovery.

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Published in: Nº84 FuturENVIRO October – November 2021