Self-employed affected by State of Alarm can benefit from Canal de Isabel II support measures

Like those affected by temporary redundancy schemes, the self-employed will see a reduction of almost 80 % in their water bills for a period of up to three months. The Board of Directors of the publicly-owned company has ratified measures to support users, businesses and self-employed workers. Canal de Isabel II is offering the option of deferring water bill payments to any user who so requests. The company will not cut the water supply to any user while the State of Alarm continues.

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Canal de Isabel II is to modify its water charges to include special discounts for the purpose of providing support to businesses, industrial companies, self-employed workers and private individuals affected by temporary redundancy schemes arising from the COVID-19 scenario.

As announced on March 31, the publicly-owned company has proposed three extraordinary discounts that can be availed of by businesses and industrial companies that have experienced a significant fall-off in activity arising from the State of Alarm, users affected by temporary redundancy, and facilities that are temporarily being used for healthcare purposes or funeral services as a result of the extraordinary situation.    

Moreover, self-employed workers whose activity has suffered a significant reduction as a result of the declaration of the State of Alarm can also apply for discounts in their domestic water bills, for a maximum period of three months from the date on which the State of Alarm commenced.